Rugby: Rugby Rumble Old Boy’s Tag 7s Carnival on Saturday

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 Sport

The fifth edition of the Rugby Rumble Old Boy’s Tag Rugby 7s Carnival will take place next Saturday at Havelock Park in Colombo. 

The tournament, which will be played in two segments— an Over-20 and an Over-40, aims to reunite former batch mates and players, creating a sense of nostalgia. 

Teams from the leading schools in Colombo and Kandy will participate. 

Additionally there will be one expatriate team from Dubai -- the Ceylon Warriors. 

Teams will consist of two females on the field, and three in total. 

As the matches go on, the crowd can treat themselves to various things. 

They can choose from an array of food stalls, refreshments, take part in fun games, and chill to the sound of music. 

The tournament will be fun and will cater to the entire family, “Rugby Fan Activity Zone” with line out throwing and scrum half passing activities will give an opportunity for the none Rugby players also to be involved in the event. 

The atmosphere will be family-centric, and kids can take part in the fun games. 

Following the final, which will be played under lights, there will be a DJ after-party, until midnight. 

Last year’s defending champions were Science College for the Over-20 category, and Kingswood College in the Over-40s. 

The tournament is organised by Agoal International with Mobitel as the chief sponsor.

Rugby: Rugby Rumble Old Boy’s Tag 7s Carnival on Saturday