Carrom: Parakrama Basnayake elected Vice President ICF

Monday, 10 September 2018 Sport

Sri Lanka slicers made their country proud by winning the Men's World championship in South Korea last week. 

Sri Lanka gained further recognition with another feather to her cap, when Parakrama Basnayake, President of the Carrom Federation of Sri Lanka, was elected Vice President of the International Carrom Federation (ICF) at a Special General Meeting held concurrently with the 5th Carrom World Cup in South Korea. 

Basnayake was a former Director of Customs and is the current President of the Nationalised Services Sports Club, Nationalised Services Hockey Association and Vice President of the Western Province Badminton Association. 

At the Special General Meeting and election of office bearers held once in four years, Joseph Mayar of Switzerland was elected President, while V.D. Narayen of India was elected General Secretary. 

With the recognition of winning the World Cup this year and gaining the Vice President position for Sri Lanka, Basnayake intends to host the next Asian Carrom Championship in Sri Lanka, in November this year. 

Further, he intends to liaise with the respective authorities to include Carrom at future SAARC Games, Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. 

With Basnayake at the helm of a body that was in disarray for sometime, it came alive with tournaments, not held for a long time, worked off to a set order. 

From the day he assumed duties, his main target was to uplift the game and provide better facilities for the players. 

Running the show only with membership fees and the grant from the ministry, is a difficult task. 

It is high time that sponsors come forward in support of this Sport. 

This is the second time Sri Lanka won a world team championship, after Sri Lanka, under Arjuna Ranatunga, won the Cricket World Cup in 1996. 

Earlier Wizard of the Green Baize, M.J.M. Lafir won the World Billiards title.

Carrom: Parakrama Basnayake elected Vice President ICF