Letter : Life of an audit trainee

Friday, 29 June 2018 opinion

A lot of noises coming from all around; sisters screaming, loud music and I just had to wake up. Sleeping from yesterday afternoon and knowing tomorrow is a working day just got my mind forcing me in to sleep, but couldn’t do it for long. It’s happy to be home with friends and cousins around me talking and laughing, but still inside me, a tiny frustration thinking of tomorrow. And when the day slowly disappears and the night starts to appear, things just only get worst.

Wake up at once early in the morning, no time to waste. Go clean up myself and then press my clothes, find a matching tie with a dashing pair of cufflinks and polished shoes. I know how much I ‘am paid, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out in a clumsy dress code. Travelling by bus has always made life hard and carrying the laptop makes things worst, still it is fun for me. When life isn’t itself smooth, why should travelling be?

Anyway, punctuality has a different meaning in the auditing world. At the beginning, life’s a bit hard in this industry to survive unlike most other industries, because you really don’t know who your friend is and who your fore is, the worst is that sometimes you won’t know it forever. When you start to grow inside this industry, you can never escape the wrath of the cooperate sector. It’ll chase you, haunt you down and the worst is you cannot escape it neither you can fight it. Most have gone through and only a few have survived.

Adoptability is a main quality that an auditor should possess, not experience or high qualifications because every time it is a new process, it is a new industry that is being audited. Auditing is a fun job, you have a team to work with and every time your audit changes, your team members too change. So, every audit team is like a family on its own, theyhave their own secrets, own happy and sad moments and more other day to day stuff.

An auditor is also a human being. But professionalism takes over all the good and bad qualities that once possessed in him/her. So, eventually the word “Appreciation” doesn’t exist in the auditing world. No matter how hard you work, you are still nobody. This auditing world is huge, it is hard for a trainee to create an impact unless he/she has a strong background. Therefore, whatever you gain is worth only to you.

Every trainee gets the feeling of whether it is worth to work as an auditor, because financially the return for your effort is very low, but when you look at the other side, which is experience. No other profession gives you more knowledge and ideas than auditing. Everywhere you go, every person you meet in your profession is an experience for life. An auditor is like a cop, knowledge is the weapon which we carry while, experience teaches us how and when to use it.

 An audit trainee is a survivor, a fighter and most of all, a learner. We survive in this world more than living. We give a true and fair view of the all the industries final accounts. We observe and understand every move made by cooperates, and then try to figure out why they were made. Try to detect any frauds or misstatements in their accounts, simply because the owners cannot trust the people who work for them.

An audit trainee’s life was never easy then, it is not easy now nor will it be easy in the future. We have to work more than what is expected, manage more than what is manageable and carry responsibilities which most of the time is not ours. An audit trainee is a soldier in his/her world, fighting not to win or lose but just to keep things together.

- ~Yash Reeza

Letter : Life of an audit trainee