Degradable quality packaging required for Sri Lanka's exports

Thursday, 16 August 2018 Business




International packaging needs is impacting on Sri Lankan exports where high quality packaging is required to be competitive in global markets.

Any item with packaging for exports with non-recyclables is now facing with increased challenges from abroad, said Minister of Industry & Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen speaking at the launch of the forthcoming Lankapak exhibition at the Galadari Hotel Colombo on Tuesday.

He said both the President and the Prime Minister have stressed the importance of producing environmentally friendly degradable packaging material in Sri Lanka. “I believe this sector is one of the most important sectors for branding Sri Lankan exports.”

Meanwhile many issues pertaining to the industry will be discussed by a panel of experts at the exhibition and at the congress 2018. It will be the most important events to take place in Colombo this year as 150 exhibitors are expected to showcase their latest technology products, innovations and packaging at the exhibition to be held at the BMICH next month.

The items to be exhibited at the exhibition will be wide ranging from machinery for packaging, automated systems for printing etc. The exhibition will also focus on learning and networking on packaging for improving efficiency for future businesses.

Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging President Anuradha Jayasinghe said the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging is a platform for larger organisations such as the Asia Packaging Federation to move forward. (JJ)

Degradable quality packaging required for Sri Lanka's exports